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Házipatika magazin

The magazine by HáziPatika.com is published twice a year. It features a variety of articles and useful information related to health and lifestyle.

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Nők Lapja Summer

The Summer special issue of Nők Lapja magazine is targeted not only at loyal and regular readers of the weekly magazine, but anyone who likes the style of Nők Lapja and wants to have a great reading in the summer.

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NLCafé is the most visited and most popular women’s website in Hungary. Such dominant position comes with responsibilities. We reach several hundreds of thousands of readers every day, so our task goes beyond entertainment: we must act with social responsibility.

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Nők Lapja Egészség

Nők Lapja Health is targeted at women for whom their own health and the health of their family is important, who want to take conscious decisions about their own fate, and duly take care of their family.

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Nők Lapja Winter

Besides covering the topic of winter holidays, the Nők Lapja Winter special issue offers great reading for long winter afternoons.

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Nők Lapja

Nők Lapja is much more than a simple magazine: it is an old friend, and columnists of Nők Lapja are family members.

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