We believe in good ideas as a basis for good content marketing strategy.

One single good idea is enough to change the behavior, attitude and/or brand awareness of the target group, and thus have a direct impact on brand loyalty and consequently on the return on investment of the project.

Through our ideas we help the brand to achieve its marketing goals, e.g. increase brand awareness, deliver the brand’s message efficiently, or improve sales. A well-planned, well-executed, and consistent content marketing approach brings any goal within reach.

We cooperate with our clients to understand how their business and brands work, so that we can choose the most appropriate content, strategy, and media space for them; and the good idea can eventually come true.

Well-built and good-quality content, tailored to the requirements of the target group, has exceptional power, creates value, and becomes popular – thus the investment always turns out to be profitable.

The Content Marketing Division of Central Mediagroup Zrt can deliver content of high quality in all three (paid, earned and owned) media categories including, but not limited to, magazines, websites, video content, digital magazines, smartphone applications, social media.


1.Good ideas (planning)

This is the foundation of our work, based on which we develop the appropriate content strategy for the brand.

  • Group research
  • Content marketing market analysis
  • Content audit
  • Development of content strategy, creative concept, channel mix
  • Digital engagement planning


2. Implementation of the concept

Planning and implementation of the specific content, in owned, paid or earned media, is our specialty. This is our strength.

  • print magazines
  • websites, online newsletters
  • online magazines
  • applications for smartphones and tablets
  • websites optimized for mobile devices
  • video content
  • social media
  • events


3. Return on investment and efficiency

Our research team ensures to get the most out of our content projects in terms of financial returns

  • cross-brand partnership
  • (brand/content marketing) media portfolio management
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • monitoring services