The Content Marketing division is a separate, independent organizational unit within Central Mediagroup. It operates as a small and flexible department yet it benefits from the strength and advantages of the parent company. This structure ensures that the publications get the full attention of and are managed by dedicated teams.

The main value of Central is the ability to produce high-quality content for a variety of target groups, thanks to its core activity. Central magazines have to perform well in a fiercely competitive environment as measured by readership figures. Our editors are used to perform to their maximum and deliver great results – so quality is guaranteed when it comes to branded content. We are a market leading publishing company, and we can capitalize on our market position to offer the full range of media services to our clients.


Additional reasons for choosing Central Mediagroup:


  • 10 years of experience; efficient and proven cooperation models
  • Management of the whole development process: creative concept, design, development, product management, application promotion in the whole APP portfolio for most platforms
  • Being the largest customer of print houses, Central can negotiate favorable printing rates
  • Relevant, interesting and high-quality content on both print and digital platforms
  • In-house qualitative research, know-how and infrastructure for testing
  • Strict adherence to deadlines, delivery on time, discipline
  • We have internationally renown digital publications: “Digital First!”
  • Central Mediagroup has the largest print, online and mobile media portfolio in Hungary