Seeing its huge success last year, the special issue of AutóMagazin is going to be published four times this year

  • Used car (Használt autók): It will mostly feature long-term (100,000 km) tests but it will also include some shorter articles
  • SuperCars: As in the previous two years, this special issue will feature articles and tests about supercars only
  • Car catalogue (Autókatalógus): With the same sort of content and format as in last year, the catalogue will cover all makes and models (around 3,000 models) available around the world in 2014 – on 300 pages.
  • 4x4s and SUVs (4x4 terepjáró/szabadidő autók): This will be the first time Central publishes a special issue dedicated exclusively to 4x4s and SUVs. The main focus is on SUVs, but the magazine may also feature other kinds of four-wheel-drive cars (estates, sedans…etc.)