Environmental awareness, fight against climatic changes have always been important for the management of Nosalty and they regularly and also actively call the attention to these factors. For example, in July they promoted the importance of plastic-free environment through a one-month campaign on their Instagram account. By using daily tips they showed methods that can be incorporated in anybody’s daily life to reach the plastic-free status. In August, through the initiation of the Plant A Tree Cocktail, the editorial staff participated in the “Együtt ezer fáért!” (Together for one thousand trees.) campaign. By joining the “Együtt ezer fáért!” campaign anybody in Hungary, even from home, may buy his/her tree thus supporting the fight against climatic change. You have nothing to do but visit the page “egyuttezerfaert.hu” and to plant a tree for 1990 HUF. Then the team of Nosalty.hu and Plant A Tree Cocktail will plant an oak seedling with a serial number for you which increases the area of Plant A Tree located on private lands.