In May, the Central Media Group launched a new, online lecture series under the name of #mediatalks covering interesting professional topics, consumer habits, trends, brands, content and display presentations, commercials and sector-specific information related to a well outlined thematic program. At the subsequent station of the series, focusing on the car sector we will have discussions with the sector’s experts about the changed situation resulting from COVID-19, its effects and results as well as the experts’ plans.
The sector’s marketing professionals and communication experts speaking within the frames of #mediatalks and those in the audience share their experience with us as to the effects of the pandemic on the car industry and on the commercial – and content consumption and we are about to also talk about what we can expect in the future. The discussion is aimed to give a better view and understanding to the audience about the operation of a communication process in a situation never experienced before.
Our topics:
– What effect did the pandemic have on the economy including the automobile industry at international level and in Hungary?
– How the individual firms reacted to the changes and what was the amount of leeway available?
– How did the crisis impact the communication strategies of different brands?
– What direction did the consumers’ media usage habit take?
Was it necessary to change the communication strategy and if so, how?
– What can be expected concerning the change in purchasing habits?
– How the automobile industry can react to the changing situation?
– How long does it take for the communication of automobile industry to return to the level before pandemic?
– Where and when can the media help the car industry to reach their objectives?
Our lecturers:
– Attila Erős (Fastbridge, Reprise, IPG, Mediabrands, Matterkind // Chief Digital Officer)
– Andrea Sztárcsevity (Volvo // marketing director)
– János Hársfalvi (Magyar Suzuki Zrt. // Domestic Sales, Marketing Group Leader)
– Róbert Vági (Central Media Group // sales manager)
– Péter Szigeti (Central Media Group // manager of the digital news –, Vezess)
– Zsolt Horváth (Central Media Group // editor-in-chief – Vezess)
The webinar will be implemented through the Clickmeeting online platform, information necessary for the participation will be sent by email after registration.
Registration: Source: Facebook site of Central Media Group