Being a responsible publisher, now we have the duty to stand alongside people in this situation. More particularly, we side with people not only by providing them with information derived from authentic sources but also by offering them constructive ideas, empathy and assistance. Media has always had great responsibility in all situations and at all times. The outbreak of the coronavirus disease puts an enormous pressure on our life and affects everyone’s daily lives, therefore, with our magazine and online products we are at our readers’ disposal with the types of content, topics as well as hints that alleviate and clarify everyday trials.
The editorial staff of seeks to immediately let its readers get to know all the important information by a daily issue of more than 50 articles on coronavirus , and intends to become the focal point for disseminating information to Hungarian citizens in these difficult times. If You wish to be informed about reality, facts and our life, turn to
By adopting a responsible attitude, the editorial staff of nlc encourages their readers to keep staying at home and try to arrange everything on online surfaces. In these testing times, it provides its readers with empathic and professional content free of disinformation, which makes everyday life situations easier both for mothers and young women and for grandmothers. Nlc’s slogan – To You, For You – is more relevant than ever.
By adapting to the new situation, Nosalty launched a great movement on the Facebook with the name #Házimenza throws a lifebelt to the readers to give them assistance in home cooking. It was just a matter of minutes for the group to have more than 6700 members actively sharing their easily and quickly prepared recipes made from basic ingredients.
In addition to this, with the cooperation of Vöröskereszt, the freely downloadable Liszteskönyv published by Nosalty has also been prepared and readers can also turn to this for simple and at the same time tasty recipes. Furthermore, this draws attention to the fact that it is worth supporting the work of Vöröskereszt.
As has been the case up to now, also in the epidemiological situation the Startlap-csoport is committed to provide its readers with accurate, reliable and timely news and support them by offering useful information. On the Startlap web portal all the most up-to-date and topic-related news, as well as regulations, statements and recommendations can be found collected together on one place.
Startlap Utazás embarked on an special agenda by the members of the external staff of the column providing information from several parts of the world about the situation caused by the coronavirus, among others, Kristóf Steiner reporting news about the Greek conditions, Travellina’s stopping along his way to Chile and the column provides exclusive news also about Iceland.
The publicists of the Startlap Vásárláscolumn now have also decided to primarily help with their information for those staying at home, whether these pieces of information are about food supply, or useful products for home schooling or home office work. Furthermore, we give account of all the important economic and other initiatives created in the country, such asthe joint efforts of the market participants in Baja.
The systematically organized information given by Startlap in its usual way is even more necessary than ever, therefore the editorial staff created several thematic pages for the guidance of Hungarian readers, among others, koronavirus.lap.huas well as for giving assistance to teachers and students.
On page and in the Hírstart application as well as on several surfaces of ours, we established thematic collections for our readers, where almost all news of the domestic news market linked to these topics becomes accessible at one place. Attila Virág, the chief executive of Hírstart also analyzed the publications in the media news issued in relation with the coronavirus.
Startlap provides help not only to readers but also to businesses. The eOldal belonging to Startlap offers a free business package or webshop engine for a term of 1 year to help businesses that have no choice but change to online appearance.
The editorial staff of Há has also been working from home for some time, which they are not embarrassed to reveal to their readers. Simultaneously with the emergence of coronavirus-related news, fake news and disinformation also began to accumulate, consequently, now the team is out in full force to give its readers information obtained from authentic and reliable sources.
The Drive team also considers it important , to help prevent the pandemics from spreading by encouraging its readers to stay at home, understand the situation and behave in a responsible manner while travelling. The editorial staff is in contact with the authorities, as a result they are in the position to provide their readers with first-hand virus-related news affecting vehicles, traffic, goods transport and the world of motoring.
Vezess is about to also launch two initiatives. One of them is a new Facebook social network – the Quarantine, which will focus on readers’ stories and pictures relating to their cars. The new column #parkolje will contain coronavirus-related news and information concerning cars and traffic.
The editors of Krémmánia announced that in the spirit of responsible behaviour, they would postpone the publication of the next Beauty Box and the members of the editorial staff – as long as the pandemic situation so requires – will work from home. They request their reader to do the same and stay at home and in the meantime they take every effort to maintain Krémmánia as a happy island where its content and articles help readers relax and become replenished or dissipate their boredom. Moreover, Krémmánia has warned its readers not to sell their used cosmetics on the Market place of the page and at the same time it recommended three items of cosmetics worth being used at the time of the established a virtual yoga studio as a follower of Cosmopolitan Hungary 190 000.
Every day during the week, from Monday to Sunday, the instructors of Yogasecrets conduct yoga and meditation classes, which are broadcast live to those working from home and wishing to have some physical exercises. After class the videos can be played back on the FB and also on channel Cosmopolitan Hungary Youtube . The timetable can be accessed on all the social channels of Cosmo and users can register for the classes as we created the FB events for each of them.
The number of those virtually participating in a class is 30 thousand on average and feedback is very positive since this a tangible assistance to those working from home and taking the “staying at home” campaign seriously.
As the readers have been pretty well accustomed to this, Meglepetés is trying to make the days more beautiful through sophisticated and entertaining content. Remote work does not mean that everything stops functioning, thus it keeps encouraging readers to remain part of Meglepetés magazine as they have been up till now.
The now is focusing on content providing positive feelings, reading experiences in our changed reality. They believe that they are very much needed and now they can best help through the power of their words. They launched our Nyugimese podcast series, to which many actors joined to read their favourite stories, poems to the small and the big.
The 70-year old Nők Lapja is the magazine of generations.Its readers have already experienced countless catharses, faced crises and big changes. But as usual, the young and less young had the chance to discuss everything on the magazine’s pages. Nők Lapja is a FORUM where generations understand, appreciate and reach out to each other. We can give a lot to each other: inherited experiences awareness, fighting spirit. Now the old merits get greater emphasis and selfishness and individualism are replaced by the community, discipline and cooperation.
Nők Lapja Egészség has always taken efforts to help readers to make responsible decisions on their own and their family’s health. This is especially important at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic: by reacting to the current situation, the editorial staff members provide readers with articles packed with practical advice in voluntary isolation. Because it is of greater importance than average to know when it is necessary to get professional help and what is it that we can solve ourselves without putting additional load on the health care.
Maybe, there has never been such need for nice words, for encouragement and for being empathic towards each other than in these perilous days. Families separated from each other and from the outside world, grandparents, parents, friends, neighbours in need of support or children who do not understand the situation and become more and more impatient are waiting for help day by day. The Story magazine offers relaxation to hundreds of thousands week after week, we cannot let them down. Now quality amusement plays an especially important role, a refection among many-many news of very high concern: touching tales, thoughtful stories, humour, feelings. Since life does not stop even if many things are changing temporarily. We believe that the end issue does not reflect the circumstances where the magazine was prepared: in this tough situation the Story remains the number one true star magazine.
The editorial staff of Kismama magazine requests every reader to stay at home if it is possible. We know that it is hard to deal with children between the four walls of our flat and we are convinced that the otherwise frustrated new mothers also have hard times by being locked-in and having to deal with this extreme situation. But let’s believe in the wise words of folk tales: this, too, will pass.
According to the National Geographic it is of utmost importance to save our connection with the reality and that this connection should remain true. The National Geographic magazine and its online version, the, offers this, nothing more or less. The unquestionably true connection: the real picture of the World and detailed background of the picture.
In view of the situation the Színes RTV slightly redesigned the program magazine. A channel was included which helps keep readers fit also at home between the four walls. Instead of the temporally pointless sport recommendations they offer something new. For example, cultural experiences which are usually consumed not from television broadcasts but outside home by the vast majority. For example, opera and literary discussions. And in addition to physical training, at home we can engage ourselves with something pleasant and something that helps lift our spirit. Cooking, home improving, gardening.