Since 18 June 2019, Zoltán Varga, the Chair of the Board, has been the CEO of Central Media Group. Kinga Mészáros, the former CEO, left the company on 15 July, after transferring her responsibilities. Mészáros explained her resignation, which was accepted by the Board of Directors of the company group, by saying that she had different ideas about the implementation of the jointly established growth strategy.

Zoltán Varga made the following declaration: “I would like to thank, both personally and on behalf of Central Media Group, Kinga Mészáros for her work. We are glad to have had the opportunity to work with Kinga and to learn from each other, even if we disagreed on important questions. As in the past, we will continue strengthening the position of Central Media Group in the domestic market and building a Central-European media portfolio that is internationally successful, as well.