Meglepetés Konyha és Rejtvény

Hegedűs Noémi

Editor-in-chief of Meglepetés Konyha & Rejtvény (Cooking & Puzzles)

The gastro special issue of Melepetés magazine is published 6 times a year, every two months.

Each page of the magazine is loyal to the slogan “full of joy”, and gives food for thought and for the stomach at the same time. One of the ingredients required for the cover recipe is ‘hidden’ in the 2-page Scandinavian crossword puzzle. The magazine is very popular with readers, and the number of subscribers keeps rising after each publication.

The special issue combines the two most popular sections of the parent magazine. Readers of Meglepetés magazine really love recipes and crossword puzzles, and the special issue offers them exactly what they like most. The crossword puzzles are related to gastronomy. Readers learn about the favorite dishes of famous chefs and interesting gastro facts in a playful manner.

Each magazine issue includes around 60 seasonal recipes and 30 crossword puzzles.