Meglepetés Retro

Hegedűs Noémi

Editor-in-chief of Meglepetés magazine

The latest special issue of Meglepetés magazine is focused on nostalgia. Nostalgia is not the same as living in the past. There is nothing wrong with reliving good memories and great events and experiences. Reliving great memories is food for soul and It gives people strength and drive that can be used in the present and the future. And retro is cooler than ever. It all started with furniture and smaller items, then came the music and everything else. Pseudo-nostalgia is now everywhere. Retro became cool everywhere, from the car industry to furniture design, based on people’s “everything was better in the past” feeling. Modern entertainers and stars are increasingly criticised for the lack of “real performance”, often associated with stars in the past. Scriptwriters turn to old cartoons and superheroes from the past and movie remakes are extremely popular. Our magazine gives an unbiased review of the past, showing what was better and what was worse back then, offering plenty to feel nostalgic about.

Readers will find old and long forgotten gossips, old movies and remakes, fashion, old brands and products, old packagings and iconic advertisements from the past. The Retro special issue of Meglepetés magazine is targeted at readers who feel nostalgic for movies, TV programs, cars and other products from 20, 30 or 40 years ago. A journey into the past with the experiences and the knowledge of today.