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ifj. Vitray Tamás

Editor-in-Chief, National Geographic Magazine

“We at National Geographic Magazine strongly believe: science, exploration and storytelling have the unified power to change our planet.” A history of 130 years, the world famous yellow frame… The best known scientific and educational magazine would not need any kind of introductory review. Published in 37 languages, read by more than 60 million people, NG is a key source in raising awareness of the global climate change and other major environmental issues. In addition to the US magazine content Hungarian edition of NG has a growing number of news articles and interviews covering the latest scientific achievements in Hungary. We believe that ‘saving’ the planet will mostly be the task and responsibility of the next generation. The mission of NG is to prepare junior readers for that challenge ahead, to convey up-to-date scientific knowledge, to provide fact based, informative and encouraging, also entertaining articles month by month.

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