Nők Lapja Kitchen (Konyha)

Kajári Zsófia

Managing Editor

Are you looking for recipes or ideas for a quick dinner or a weekend lunch? Do you need a tested cookie recipe or you want to offer something special for your gourmand guests?

The monthly special issue of Nők Lapja magazine is here to help you with a variety of recipes and ideas for meat, vegetable, pasta dishes, soups and deserts. All recipes in the magazine were previously tested by our team of professional chefs, confectioners and best Hungarian gastro-bloggers to ensure that the dish on your kitchen table looks the same as on the photo in the magazine. Recipes are always based on seasonal ingredients and the magazine also features recipes for those who can not eat certain ingredients due to food allergy or medical condition.

We have recipes for beginner and advanced housewives. Recipes always correspond to the season, taking into account any major holidays or events. Enjoy great new tastes and prepare fantastic dishes for your family with this special issue.

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