Kulcsár Hajnal

50Plusz – Full of energy and healthy above 50

A couple of years ago it was very rare to see elderly people using the internet on a regular basis. Only a few of them were using computers at all. Things now are different, and many of those in their 50s have good computer skills and are regular internet users. As health problems are more common after 50 years of age, 50plusz.hu is targeted specifically at those in their 50s and 60s, providing them with useful and easy-to-understand health and lifestyle tips. The layout and content of the website were specifically developed to meet the needs of the target audience. The informative articles, interesting news, focus topics, interactive applications, easy to search database and forum all help users find what they are looking for. Users are especially interested in the detailed description of dietary supplements, herbs, and recommended dishes for certain medical conditions. The site helps users interpret blood test results and find out what to expect at the next health check.