In the new podcast service of Hírstart a female artificial intelligence robot edits then reads the news day-by-day. This may serve as an essential orientation tool not only for visually impaired people but may also be useful for those who would like to listen to the latest news of the internet world instead of listening to the central MTI news services broadcast on radios.
Hirstart launched an artificial intelligence-based podcast under the name of Hírstart Robot Podcast – as Media1 was informed. The podcast program is prepared in a fully automated manner on the basis of the news available in the Hírstart news gathering service.
The review, publication and reading in the podcast are performed by a female robot. The platform enables the regular and serial-like publication of the digital audio format in the online space, moreover this is all implemented without any special human intervention. Podcasts have a great popularity all over the world. The great advantage of the programs is that they can be listened to anywhere, anytime and on any smart devices, such as laptops or desktops, and contrary to a radio broadcast, the stream of the program can be interrupted and replayed.
“With the project we – as a leading media company – intended to show how easily the different technologies can be integrated in our sector and what kind of alternative solutions are offered by robotization also for us”
– said Atilla Virág, the Technological Head of Hirstart and Startlap group.
The Hirstart Robot Podcast provides up-to-date news programs and thanks to techniques, the creation of thematized, unique broadcasts have also become possible. The broadcasts are available on the and also on the podcast channels of iTunes, Google and TuneIn. Hirstart started as a news gatherer site on October, 2002. The Central Media Group Ltd., as a member of the Startlap product group, with its aggregate items of content, reviews from the issues of Hungarian online media (among others, from the news of Media1). Source: