Sabján Johanna

Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine

The world is ours! – that is the feeling the world’s most popular women’s magazine transmits to young women every month. More than just a brand, Cosmopolitan is a real phenomenon, well-known in every country around the world. The Hungarian edition of the magazine was first published in 1997.

Being a reader of the magazine and being a Cosmo girl means you can achieve anything you want, because Cosmopolitan is by your side and supports you as a best friend. You get know about fashion, beauty care, and celebrity news from first hand, along with practical tips and advice related to sex and relationships. Reading Cosmopolitan means you belong to a worldwide club and you hold the key to success in your hand.

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Source: Kantar Hoffmann Kft. NOK readership survey Q1 to Q4 2017

Source: Facebook, Instagram, December 2017