2019 was all about the kindness of Hungarian people. This is the year when Hungarians collected two times 700 million forints for the recovery of two little children. This is fantastic, and donation does not end here! Communities which emerged during these donations still operate, giving help to more and more little ones.
We see children the most defenseless, therefore we give money to them more often and more easily if they are in trouble, which is a really significant human value. However, it’s not only them who need our sympathy. There are people living their second childhood, being old, over seventy, eighty years of age. If they are lucky, they have a caring family. Many of them, however, live on their own, manage very little money, or are treated in an institution due to their poor health. Some of them are just as downtrodden as an ill child. No matter how old we are, we all need love and being taken care of.
Therefore, nlc does not collect donations for children, kindergartens or families living in poor conditions, like in past years. This year, we ask your help to be able to make the holidays more wonderful for those old ones who get less attention. Believe it, they will be as happy to get some gifts as the children!
We are waiting to receive shoeboxes from you which you fill with surprises for the residents of Olajág Idősek Otthona, Csepel. We undertake to give these shoeboxes to them during a little celebration and hospitality – of course, recording their smiles for you all.
What to pack in the shoeboxes?!
As agreed with the management of the Institution, mainly the following gifts would be needed:
refreshment (not screw-topped, but with bottle cap), gourd, sweets (everything that is soft and with a long expiry date – macaroons, sponge-cake bites, jelly szaloncukor (Christmas candy), etc.), chocolate syrup, jam (for the easier swallowing of medicine), small pillow (for sleeping and hugging), socks without boffer
Source: NLC.hu