Marie Claire has launched its Go Green! challenge, which encourages readers to introduce eco-friendly changes in their life in four areas over the course of four weeks. Detailed tips and articles connected with the green section of the September issue of the magazine can be found at Hungarian stars and influencers have also joined the challenge.

Between 1 and 30 September, in connection with the green section of the September issue of the magazine Marie Claire is running its Go Green! challenge, which anyone can join up until the last week. Each week one challenge needs to be met – at the end of the week readers can evaluate their results through a self-assessment. At the end of the month the editorial office of the magazine will draw the winners of three green main prizes among the most active users, with further surprises.

Readers can find the detailed description of the challenges to be met – going plastic-free, conserving energy, conscious shopping, and adopting a green household – together with helpful practical tips and further green content at Hungarian stars and influencers, as well as the micro-influencers and bloggers of the magazine are also joining the challenge, to lead participants by the hand along the green path.

Microsite of the challenge: