Marie Claire’s Go Green campaign has won silver Prizma award at the competition of Kreatív magazine where the best PR projects are prized. The Go Green campaign encouraging the change of lifestyles, was multifaceted: we printed the September eco edition on recycled paper, we started readers’ challenges, established a new Facebook-community and organized events.

Kreatív magazine’s Prizma awards were handed over on November 20, Wednesday night, with which the best PR projects of the year were awarded. 186 projects were entered into the competition, from which 82 applications entered the shortlist due to the decision of the online and main jury, and from these 45 has got the award (19 bronze, 14 silver, 12 gold).

Marie Claire has won the silver Prizma award with her Go Green campaign in the category of PR-controlled integrated campaigns.

Marie Claire’s Go Green challenge was active related to the magazine’s September edition’s eco supplement, encouraging readers to make some eco conscious changes in four territories of their everyday lives during four weeks. The practical tips and articles helping the implementation were published continuously on our page, a new, closed Facebook group was established – whose membership rose to over 2,000 during a few weeks and the members help(ed) each other really actively with useful ideas –, a T-shirt printing workshop was organized and a wardrobe change event was also set up. These challenges were joined by domestic celebs, influencers, bloggers, as well.

The aim of the campaign was to communicate such routines and tips which can infiltrate the participants’ everyday lives in the long term. At the end of the month, three grand prizes related to the eco-conscious lifestyle was drawn among the most active users.
Thank you for the acknowledgement and congratulations to the other awarded projects!