As of 15 May 2018 Bognár Bálint is to succeed Zalai Ágnes as Head of Digital Business of Central Médiacsoport. The newly appointed manager previously worked on the development of several online publications as project and product manager at Centrál Médiacsoport. Zalai Ágnes will be responsible for the development of key strategic projects in the media group.

Bognár Bálint started working as product coordinator at in 2005, and later became editor-in-chief of Startlap. From 2012 he participated in e-commerce projects of Sanoma. From 2014 he worked as project manager of NLCafe and later became product manager of NLCafé. From the spring of 2017 he led the redesign of as project manager. He will remain project manager at while starting to work as Head of Digital Business of Centrál Médiacsoport.

Earlier Chief Executive of Nosalty, Zalai Ágnes started working as digital strategy consultant for Centrál Médiacsoport in September 2017. She became Head of Digital Business in January 2018, with the specific goal to audit the operation and suggest strategic and organizational changes for the development of the business unit. From now on, Zalai Ágnes will be responsible for the development of group-level strategic projects.

Chief Executive Officer of Central Médiacsoport Mészáros Kinga commented on the appointment: „The 3-year strategy of Central Médiacsoport is focused on developing the company into a successful and profitable company group on international level. When I joined Central Médiacsoport in November 2017, Zalai Ágnes and I started working together on the development of the digital portfolio of the company. Now that we have set our goals and found the most appropriate manager to head the division, I count on the expertise of Ágnes in developing the group-level growth strategy.

Bognár Bálint commented on the decision: „It is a great honor to lead the largest online media portfolio in Hungary. Nowadays the media and its environment keep changing very fast, so, as market leaders, we have to be ahead in terms of innovation, and we have to build credible brands for our users and advertisers. There are two key factors to the success of our online products: the dedicated and high quality work of our experts and the continuous implementation of technological innovations. I believe that the long-term success of our online products requires the renewal of their business model. I am convinced that we have to come up with data-based revenue strategies in which video content plays a key role for every online brand that we have.