Started as a garage project in 2008, Nosalty has now almost one million followers on Facebook. gathers over 58,000 recipes in a well-structured and categorized database that makes browsing through recipes a piece of cake. Besides recipes, the site features articles written by the editorial office and the in-house dietitian of Nosalty, who, by the end of 2013, compiled the largest ingredients database in Hungary, with detailed information (e.g. nutritional information and calories) on over 1,000 ingredients.

“This is the beginning of a new era for Nosalty”, said Chief Executive Officer of Ms. Zalai Ágnes about the acquisition. “We hope that our successful product development strategy is taken to the next level with Central Media Group. We are looking forward to cooperating with Central brands and capitalizing on synergies and opportunities offered by joint content production.”

Chief Executive Officer of Ms. Zalai Ágnes

The exclusive financial advisor of was Heal Partners during the transaction.