Gajdán Miklós

Managing editor, Autómagazin

autóMAGAZIN is the leading and opinion-shaping motoring magazine in Hungary

Thorough tests, exclusive model presentations and exciting car stories make every issue of this magazine a unique reading – and not only for real ‘petrolheads’.

autóMAGAZIN covers every area of motoring: our experienced reviewers are equally enthusiastic when testing a Ferrari or a Vauxhall, a supercar or a small electric vehicle. Detailed comparison tests, backed by precise measurements, point out the pros and cons of each model to find out which is best. We unveil the secrets of carmakers before anybody else, we bring you insight into the magical world of motorsport, and we offer expert advice in all important motoring-related questions. With great layout and design, readable articles and exhilarating photos – we believe that autóMAGAZIN would stand any comparison.

Readers per month

Source: Kantar Hoffmann Kft. NOK readership survey Q1 to Q4 2017