Gajdán Miklós

Managing editor, Autómagazin

Passion and expertise! – that is the slogan of autóMAGAZIN, our leading motoring monthly and its special issues. Targeted at readers interested in cars in general, Car catalogue is an annual motoring publication published every autumn. There is no other similar publication in Hungarian language. On around 300 pages, the special issue lists key details of 3,000 car models, including but not limited to the model’s history, the category it belongs, available engines, performance figures and consumption.

SuperCars a special edition of autóMAGAZIN, is targeted at real petrolheads. As its title indicates, the magazine is focused on exhilarating performance cars and features entertaining yet informative articles, reviews and measurement results. The special edition compiles autóMAGAZIN articles related to supercars, and helps find out whether a Ferrari is better than a Porsche or which is the fastest coupé.

The Catalogue of Used Cars, is targeted at potential used car buyers and features useful tips and advice. The magazine describes the brief history of each model and summarizes testers’ reviews and experiences. We help you find out the most common problems, and learn which models are less reliable. A useful reading.

Special issue nr by autóMAGAZIN combines passion with expertise. Published at the end of every year, 4x4 is a special issue focused on four-wheel-drive vehicles, from AWD sportscars to 4x4 off-road vehicles, including, of course, the hugely popular SUV and crossover models. Besides reviews and comparison tests, 4x4 features detailed technical articles to help readers understand all aspects of 4x4 technology.

The most recent special issue of autoMAGAZIN, E-auto, is focused on alternative-fuel vehicles, an increasingly popular vehicle type around the world. The 64-page special issue describes in detail how hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-electric vehicles work, pointing out essential differences between the three technologies. What is more, it presents the pros and cons of each technology through test and reviews. It also analyzes the financial aspects of purchasing an alternative-fuel vehicle, answering the most important question: is it really worth buying a hybrid or electric car?