Bi-weekly RTV program magazine (Kétheti RTV Műsormagazin)

Hámori Iván

Editor-in-chief of Bi-weekly RTV program magazine

Launched only a couple of years ago, this magazine has become one of the most popular bi-weekly TV guides. No wonder, because no other magazine offers this much useful and entertaining TV-related content for this little money. Readers are loyal to this publication because it is both a precise and professional TV guide and an entertaining magazine.

Hungarian service providers offer over 80 Hungarian speaking TV channels, from which this magazine lists the programs of the most popular 30 channels. The list of channels is regularly reviewed and updated. Choosing one single TV guide from among the myriad of program magazines always requires some compromise, but we make every endeavor to ensure that such compromise is the most favorable one for the reader.

readers per biweek

Source: Kantar Hoffmann Kft. NOK readership survey Q1 to Q4 2017