About us

Central Médiacsoport is the leading publisher of online and print magazines in Hungary.

The product portfolio of the company includes the most popular and entertaining, educational, and/or lifestyle magazine brands and online products, including but not limited to Nők Lapja, National Geographic, nlc.hu, Nosalty, Házipatika.com and 24.hu. The company publishes 25 print magazines, 25 special issues and manages 19 online publications that reach over half of the population every month.

The company’s excellent sales activity and advertising solutions were awarded several times, e.g. with gold, silver and bronze in the 2017 Creative Content Marketing Award (CMA). Besides selling advertising space in print and online magazines, Central Médiacsoport offers great tools and opportunities for customized communication, e.g. events, brand extensions and content marketing solutions.


4 900 000
unique users per month


2 500 000
readers per month

Executive Board

Zoltán Varga


dr. Balázs Lendvai

General Counsel

Gergely Szügyi


Róbert Vági

Director of Sales

Bálint Bognár

Director of Digital Portfolio

Tímea Lipták

Director of Print Portfolio

dr. Petra Jurida

Human Resources Director

Antti-Jussi Lumijärvi

IT Director

Top Management

Mónika Kovács

Deputy Director of Print Portfolio

Andrea Tóbiás

Distribution Director

Andrea Vékási

Portfolio Director

dr. Gabriella Szemere

Book Publishing Director

Gábor Buzder Lantos

PR and Communication Director

Source: Print – NOK, Q1 to Q4 2017 | Online – DKT OLA H1 2017 average (Hungarian audience aged 15+, all Hungarian visitors) | Full Central Médiacsoport portfolio – * Central Médiacsoport estimate