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Central Médiacsoport – The content defines you

Central Médiacsoport is one of Hungary’s leading media companies. Our diverse portfolio includes a significant share of Hungary’s most well-known and beloved brands: entertainment, educational, and lifestyle magazines, as well as digital products that reach a wide range of readers. Among them are Nők Lapja, National Geographic, nlc, Marie Claire, 24.hu, Nosalty, Vezess, Gyerekszoba, and Házipatika, In addition our latest brand, REFRESHER, which primarily targets the millennial and Gen Z generations. With 14 printed magazines, over 20 special editions and bookazines, as well as 19 online publications, we reach 5.7 million people every month. Our products and journalists can boast of numerous prestigious awards. Our colleagues had won, among others, the Hungarian Press Award, the Szerénységről Méltósággal Press Award, and the Podmaniczky Prize in 2022. The editorial team of 24.hu was awarded The Best Podcast Studio of the Year at the Creative OVA competition, and also received a gold rating in the video, PR film, and educational film categories at the Prizma Creative PR Award for the Workfilm showcasing the life of the independent online news editor. In 2022, we also launched our own award, the Nők Lapja Literature Award in 4 categories. And our colleagues regularly feature prominently on lists compiled by the profession.

In addition to selling magazine and online advertising spaces, our Central Content division – synthesizing the knowledge and creativity of our various organizational units – provides innovative content solutions for our commercial clients in three areas: Content Marketing, Video & Podcast and Custom Publishing.

Authentic and quality content production as well as training our colleagues or those interested in media are of paramount importance to our company, which is why we launched the Central Digital Academy in September 2022. During the 4-month traineeship programme, 13 young people had the opportunity to expand their knowledge in journalism, digital marketing and media studies.      

Our CSR policy focuses on improving the education of young people and supporting disadvantaged children.

In addition, we consider it our duty to support the work of organizations helping the lives of disadvantaged people. Therefore, from time to time we stand by a good cause/organization. In 2022, among other things, in connection with the Ukraine-Russia conflict, we provided support to the staff of the independent Ukrainian press and to Migration Aid, which helped refugees and continues to help them now.


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Executive Board

Zoltán Varga

Chairman of the board and CEO

Róbert Vági

Deputy CEO

Szeder Attila

Commercial Director

Bálint Bognár

Director of Digital Business Portfolio

Tímea Lipták

Director of Print Business Portfolio

Izabella Győri


Buláth Zsolt

Director of Human Resources

Antti-Jussi Lumijärvi


dr. Balázs Lendvai

General Counsel

Source: Print – NOK, Q1 to Q4 2017 | Online – DKT OLA H1 2017 average (Hungarian audience aged 15+, all Hungarian visitors) | Full Central Médiacsoport portfolio – * Central Médiacsoport estimate