Jenei Gréta

Well&fit – The lifestyle website

Well&fit is the largest lifestyle website in Hungary that covers all major areas of wellness. The primary target group of the site is made up by open-minded urban women aged between 18 and 35, who are interested in healthy lifestyle, and are regular internet users. They are the ones who are increasingly interested in articles and information about nutrition, health, beauty care and exercises. The fresh and dynamic Well&fit is committed to meet these needs and provide up-to-date information and useful tips for every health-conscious reader. It is a must visit website for modern 21st century women. Because nothing is impossible with Well&fit. Besides complete work-out plans and healthy recipes for those wishing to stay fit, the magazine offers useful tips and advice to improve your mental balance and self-esteem. The redesigned website now awaits users with new layout and clean design.

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