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As one of the leading media companies in Hungary, our print and online products reach over 6.6 million readers every month*.

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*Source: Gemius – DKT 2019/8 (15+ domestic audience, PC, mobile, tablet, monthly data); TGI-NOK, 2018/3-4-2019/1-2., and Central estimate


Marie Claire photography contest and exhibition

The Marie Claire continues to believe in the strength of photographs. Therefore, this year they also announced their photo competition, in which amateur and professional photographers may prove their talents. The 20 photo shoots considered to be the best by the...

The book of AnimusCentral won an award The book submitted to the Szép Magyar Könyv 2019 competition was selected for a merit award

The following piece was selected for the following merit award: founder of the merit award: Ministry of Human Resources author/title: Noémi Szuna: Tea

Együtt ezer fáért! (Together for one thousand trees) – The joint campaign of Nosalty and the Plant A Tree Cocktail has started

Environmental awareness, fight against climatic changes have always been important for the management of Nosalty and they regularly and also actively call the attention to these factors. For example, in July they promoted the importance of plastic-free environment...

Nosalty has set a record again

Now they can take pride in 200 000 followers on the site supporting their Instagram profile, so considering not only the number of visitors but also on the basis of their social platform, in the Hungarian insta field they have the most popular gastro profile in...

Péter Szigeti was the head judge of Content+Marketing Award (CMA) content marketing competition organized by Kreatív on the 7th occassion

The Kreatív organized its Content+Marketing Award (CMA) content marketing competition on the 7th occasion into which the representatives of agencies, media and sponsors may enter with their content-based marketing solutions. President of the Jury: Péter Szigeti, Head...

In May, the Central Media Group launched a new, online lecture-series under the name of #mediatalks

In May, the Central Media Group launched a new, online lecture series under the name of #mediatalks covering interesting professional topics, consumer habits, trends, brands, content and display presentations, commercials and sector-specific information related to a...

Attila Virágh participated in the online event of Media Hungary

Attila Virágh, the technological leader of the Startlap Group and the product manager of the Hirstart news aggregator, also presented a lecture on the online event of the Media Hungary.

In May, the journalist of 24.hu won the “Média a Családért” award (Media for the Family)

Péter Cseri wrote a report about a severely visually impaired couple with one child. In May the reporter-editor of our newspaper, Péter Cseri, won the “Média a Családért” award for his riport entitled “Ha maguk vakok, nem kutyát kéne inkább nevelniük gyerek helyett?”...

This year a new 24.hu participant enjoyed the TOP50 ranking of the Média

Thus the Central Media Group is represented by two persons. Zoltán Varga takes the 7th place while the new entrant, Péter Pető, is in the 48th place. Congratulations.

New editor-in-chief leads the Story magazine

From July on Noémi Hegedűs will take over the functions of the Story magazine’s editor-in-chief position from Balázs Kolossváry. Noémi Hegedűs - by keeping her previous position - remains the editor-in-chief of Meglepetés magazine, so she will simultaneously lead the...
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