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As one of the leading media companies in Hungary, our print and online products reach over 6.6 million readers every month*.

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*Source: Gemius – DKT 2019/8 (15+ domestic audience, PC, mobile, tablet, monthly data); TGI-NOK, 2018/3-4-2019/1-2., and Central estimate


New Director of Technology at Central Media Group

Antti-Jussi LUMIJÄRVI has been working as the director of technology of the company group since 17 October The new director arrived from Magyar Telekom to our publishing house. Antti-Jussi Lumijärvi (AJ) has international and multicultural experience of more than 15...

nlc is to attend Margó Festival, as well

Will relationships survive? Will overly strong women survive? Modern tales for modern children? Does completely waste-free life exist? nlc is preparing these and other similar topics for the annual Margó Literary Festival, which is to be held at the Castle Garden...

Marie Claire helps readers adopt a green lifestyle Marie Claire has launched Go Green!, the month of green challenges

Marie Claire has launched its Go Green! challenge, which encourages readers to introduce eco-friendly changes in their life in four areas over the course of four weeks. Detailed tips and articles connected with the green section of the September issue of the magazine...

Videos of 24.hu win prestigious awards

The staff of 24.hu won a silver and two bronze awards at the Online Video Award contest organised for the 11th time by the communicational journal “Kreatív”. For the competition organisers invited video entries published online or on mobile devices over the past year....

Digital portal manager and new chief editor at the helm of 24.hu

From 1 August the Chief Editor of 24.hu to date, Péter Szigeti will lead the 24.hu digital news portal as Digital Portal Manager. At the same time, the previous Deputy Editor, Péter Pető will take over as Chief Editor and Managing Editor Dániel Bita will be promoted...

Zoltán Varga returns to the top of Central Media Group

Since 18 June 2019, Zoltán Varga, the Chair of the Board, has been the CEO of Central Media Group. Kinga Mészáros, the former CEO, left the company on 15 July, after transferring her responsibilities. Mészáros explained her resignation, which was accepted by the Board...

The new special issue of “Kismama” has introduced an almost unique novelty on the market

Is it possible to combine the traditions of printed press with online content- and visual elements? The annual special issue of Kismama magazine, “ANYA” (Mother) has made a notable experiment to achieve this. In its most recent issue the publication introduced an...

24.hu has been awarded a considerable amount of innovation aid at the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) competition

In 2015, Google launched its DNI initiative to support journalism and embrace the innovative ideas of online publishers. Earlier, Central Digital Media applied for the aid unsuccessfully, but this year we tried it again. As a result, 24.hu won a considerable amount to...

New Head of Digital Business at Central Médiacsoport

As of 15 May 2018 Bognár Bálint is to succeed Zalai Ágnes as Head of Digital Business of Central Médiacsoport. The newly appointed manager previously worked on the development of several online publications as project and product manager at Centrál Médiacsoport. Zalai Ágnes will be responsible for the development of key strategic projects in the media group.

New CEO at Central Médiacsoport Zrt.

As of 15 May 2018 Mészáros Kinga is to succeed Varga Zoltán as Chief Executive Officer of Central Médiacsoport. Owner Varga Zoltán continues at the company as Chairman of the Board of Directors and will lead the implementation of the international expansion strategy of Centrál Médiacsoport.

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