Nők Lapja Psziché

Akovács Éva

Editor-in-chief of Nők Lapja Psziché

Targeted at women interested in finding their physical and mental balance, Nők Lapja Psziché has been the first psychology magazine in Hungary.

We all try to find answers to many question after the age of 30, when our role in the family and society changes. We are looking for our path – and only few of us seek expert advice. The purpose of Nők Lapja Psziché is to help with answers and advice. It gives guidance in self-knowledge, personality development and relationships based on scientific research and contribution of recognized experts. The magazine features tips and advice from experienced and recognized experts/writers, such as: Almássy Kitti, Csernus Imre, Belső Nóra, Tari Annamária, Feldmár András, Szendi Gábor.

The entertaining, easy-to-understand and readable articles help readers achieve mental and physical balance in an easy way.

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