Marie Claire

Tóth-Szántó Krisztina

Editor-in-chief of Maire Claire

Since 2007, Marie Claire has been synonymous with the concepts of openness, freedom and awareness at home. We are talking to women who are open to the world, to change, who are preoccupied with today’s social problems, who first find out, think, and only then form an opinion. Environmental protection and sustainability play a cardinal role in their lives, they are able to take responsibility for themselves, they live their lives consciously and they also want to find out about the latest international and domestic beauty novelties and fashion trends. Day by day, month by month, taking these aspects into account, we dream and implement the print, digital and social content of Marie Claire with a team that is characterised by diversity, uniqueness, characterised by creativity and courage. We strive to show what we see and desire the world around us.


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