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Story magazine was launched two decades ago, on 10 September 1998, at the time when large commercial TV channels started operating in Hungary. Over 1,000 issues have been published since 1998, and Story magazine has become a real phenomenon among Hungarian magazines, the one with the highest paid circulation and readership.

Story has remained ever since the undisputed leader in the celebrity segment, and the name Story is now synonym for quality print entertainment. Story is a ‘friendly’ star magazine that has good relations with Hungarian celebrities, and, by presenting their professional and private life, brings them closer to Hungarian readers. Read mostly by women, Story magazine regularly publishes stories about sports celebrities and everyday heroes, and its ‘Women Extra’ supplement includes gastro articles, fashion tips, tests, and mental support.

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Source: Kantar Hoffmann Kft. NOK readership survey Q1 to Q4 2017

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