Színes RTV

Hámori Iván

Editor-in-chief of Színes RTV

“The most read TV magazine in Hungary” – that is the slogan on the cover and that has been true for a long time now. Since its redesign, the magazine also holds other records. There is no other publication that lists so many (85) Hungarian speaking channels of nationwide coverage. That means Színes RTV lists practically all available TV channels, and no viewer will have to choose some other magazine because here he/she can not find his/her favorite channel.

No other TV guide magazine has so many (300) program recommendations as Színes RTV. For many readers this is the only print product thye buy – because it also offers great reading material and magazine-like content. It undoubtedly has the best price/value ratio among TV magazines, and therefore the slogan on the cover is very much likely to stay for many years to come.

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