Liptai Lívia

Editor-in-chief of Elle magazine

The purpose of Elle magazine has always been to present the modern type of woman to Hungarian readers, something no other glossy magazine has been focused on before. The Elle woman is determined, not afraid to break taboos, and is interested in politics and literature (besides fashion and beauty care). She is always up-to-date, she knows what is going on in the world, she is open to new ideas and she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. A modern feminist who believes that women must have the right to decide what kind of life they want to live.

Elle magazine always presents things from another perspective and is always ahead of others. The editorial office is not afraid to publish articles and stories with deeper meaning, tends to avoid oversimplification, obviousness and mediocrity. The purpose of the magazine is to stay ahead of others and show, from month to month, that it is possible to live and think outside the box, and there are ‘other ways’ to be a woman. In an inspiring, relevant and straightforward style.

Elle can not deny its French roots. Elle dares to shine and be sexy. It encourages women to discover and celebrate their own style in every area of life. Elle encourages freedom and boldness – both in fashion and when it comes to social roles.
Besides being entertaining, Elle really wants to make a difference, and influence women’s life: Elle was the first magazine in Hungary to put on the cover an extra size model, a disabled model in wheelchair, and a woman without make-up.

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