If we want to eat healthily, we neither have to go to the neighbour’s, nor to the nearest supermarket. We can re-evaluate our current lifestyle and weigh not only the ingredients, but also the truly important things with the help of a real expert.
Throughout the year, every week, Melinda Tünde Dóra will write about the Hungarian and international role of a seasonal vegetable or fruit we consume in 2020.

The articles will be spiced up with a lot of data, surprising production secrets, interesting topics and, of course, a bit of scepticism on the part of the journalist.

We will learn where and when it is worth buying the source of vitamins or producing the crops. She will also inform us about the things we should consider during production and about preparation methods.
The first part of the series focused on the lentil, while the second part will deal with the story of the carrot. We will proceed according to seasons, from the Jerusalem artichoke through the peach to tropical fruits.