The nő starts on Mother’s Day.
Now the Nők Lapja – the number one magazine in Hungary – is available not only in printed form, but also on the internet. Not only all the stories but also extra contents of the weekly newspaper can also be read by the Subscribers of the site. Materials about unique and exciting topics of public interest, video reports and podcasts showing interesting human destinies are prepared by an autonomous online editorial staff led by Anita Libor. The new nő is the first prepaid product of the Central Media Group.
Nők Lapja, the most widely read and best selling weekly newspaper in Hungary has accompanied women’s generations since 1949 and constitutes part of the public opinion as it does not only present but also shapes Hungarian women’s attitude to the World. Its readers represent a type of female community where generations understand and mutually appreciate each other, pass on knowledge, experience and love.
“From May on, the brand will extend its presence built on strong female community also to the digital space. Its aim is to involve new readers through the online platform and by doing so to further increase its popularity. However Nők Lapja has also the intention to serve extra content to the present readers of the weekly newspaper and just in the same way as among the printed magazines, it aims to become an awareness-raising female medium also in the online world.” – highlighted by the press chief of the nő, Timea Lipták division head.
“By launching the nő we have reached another importantl milestone in the history of Nők Lapja: a long-held, brave ambition of ours has become true.” – said Andrea Vékási, the Editor-in-Chief of the Nők Lapja magazine, portfolio director of the Nők Lapja brand – “ A huge amount of work, thinking and a long time of pensiveness preceded the start of the portal. To what extent should it be different? And be identical? Who is going to read it? One thing is for sure: essential things won’t change and after all of this Nők Lapja will remain a forum where generations can communicate with each other. We are very excited about how it will be received as Nők Lapja has always existed for women and has been about women: this female community will receive a new platform where women may come together without any limitations.”
The new nő introducing itself on Mother’s Day reports not only all the articles published in the weekly paper but also daily updated materials, videos and exclusive podcasts which, under the leadership of Anita Libor, the Editor-in-Chief, are prepared by a new, independent editorial staff with the authenticity and professionalism typical of the magazine. Obviously, there will be shared materials such as two podcast series. One is the further development of the Inspiráló Nők weekly column, in which the whole discussion may be listened to, the other is the Anyámtól Örököltem where Noémi Orvos-Tóth is asked about our trans-generation female heritage. Nő is preparing exclusive videos already for the start. Krisztina Bombera interviews Hungarians living abroad who gave up a successful carrieer in Hungary to begin a new life.
“I ultimately believe in quality content. We would like to get those open-minded, reflective women to make their voice heard who are interested in innovative solutions, such as nő” – explains Anita Libor Editor-in-Chief. – “I myself use several paid applications every day, and I hope that the Hungarian market will be receptive to digital pre-paid female content. We, in the nő editorial office, will work to earn the trust of our subscribers with our quality materials. The great advantage of online media is its capability of quickly reacting to world events, thus according to our plans, compared with the printed version, the tone of voice of nő will be much stronger.
The nő wil be the first prepaid product in the field of the Hungarian online female media. It works in a freemium system, more particularly, it offers both free and paid content. Daily topical news as well as comments reacting to such news and podcasts are available without subscription for this site, for longer materials, articles of the weekly magazine and materials selected from the 70-year archive as well as videos need monthly subscription. The site content is available for subscribers for 300 HUF in the first month, later it costs 1490 HUF which corresponds to the monthly subscription fee of the weekly magazine. Every day, along with the digital version of the printed weekly magazine, subscribers receive additional materials. Those who wish to try the site before subscribing should register and then they may get access to 5 items of subscriber content to read free of charge.
By launching the online edition of Nők Lapja magazine, the Publisher builds a new pillar into its conventionally strong print – and digital female portfolio.
“It is always a good feeling when a sophisticated online female product is successfully launched as we have an important mission and the more of us, the stronger we are.” – as the launch of nő was welcomed also by Veronica Kisszékely, the Editor in Chief of – “Premium female product of the digital portfolio, the, celebrated its adulthood in 2019. With its fresh and magazine-like content, the site wishes to be a companion of the Hungarian women in everyday life. In various forms and in a wide range of topics it gives advice on really interesting matters concerning masses of women and provides reading materials reflecting its slogan: “To you, with you and for you” slogan states.”