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nlc #Woman1. – The largest Hungarian Market leader. Online. Women’s magazine.

‘s mission is to make the days of hundreds of thousands of women more meaningful.
Entertain the mother who kept her nose on the grindstone all day, took care of the kids, and has an hour in the evening to read lighthearted content. Tell interesting facts to a college student who is interested in the world beyond the curriculum. Show a way out to the woman who is in trouble with their relationship. Speak up when there is injustice at school, at the doctor, tell you what’s wrong with a bill — or give cooking tips for your Sunday menu. Work, raising children, relationships, practical life organisation and social solidarity: everything our everyday life is all about on a website. In news, videos, lighthearted articles and in-depth writings. Journalists from nlc create a page that they, themselves enjoy reading. They write about things they enjoy talking about. Therefore, nlc is present on all authoritative social media platforms.


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