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The most popular online recipe and gastronomy magazine Nosalty started as a garage blog in 2008, and since May 2012 it has been Hungary’s market-leading online recipe and gastronomy magazine. On our site, which now has 2.2 million unique visitors per month, the reader will find more than 68,000 community-based but edited and verified recipes in a structured, categorised form. This is complemented by our edited online magazine content, which is worked on by a separate editorial team and gastro and dietetic experts. Our main flagship is still gastrothematics, our self-produced recipe and gastro videos, but we also focus on relevant lifestyle topics that are organically connected to cooking at home: shopping, conscious nutrition, health, diet, sports, home, family, gardening, travel and environmental protection.

The country has known us as the most popular Hungarian recipe site, but for more than 5 years our users have been following us not only because of tried and tested authentic  recipes, but also because of our daily gastronomic and home cooking lifestyle articles and video content. So from the recipe page we have become a defining online gastronomy magazine, where in addition to baking and cooking, we inform and entertain our visitors. Due to the changed online consumer habits, we have also become dominant and innovative in video solutions in the Hungarian media market: our content has long gone beyond the classic top view recipe videos, which reaches almost all ages through our social media platforms (Facebook,YouTube, Instagram and TikTok).The biggest challenge for us is to keep the popularity, while remaining lovable to those who have been committed to us for more than a decade, and to be up-to-date and forward-looking in those eyes as well, who are now tasting the world of cooking and gastronomy. Of course, we also have at least one good recipe and a useful article or video content for this reason.

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Nosalty Nosalty is the leading recipe site and gastro magazine in Hungary. Nosalty has a huge recipe database that reaches almost 2 million users every month. Content on the site is categorized and structured, offering great opportunities for targeting selected audiences.

The two Facebook pages of Nosalty have over 1 million followers, 89% of them are women. The social networking pages reach 4.8 million users every month.

Source: Gemius – DKT 2020/08  (15+ domestic audience, pc, mobile, tablet)

Source: Facebook, September 2020.