Marie Claire

László Krisztina

Editor-in-chief of Maire Claire

I was already a Marie Claire woman when I was 20, and past 40 with two kids I am still a Marie Claire woman. Because being a Marie Claire woman has nothing to do with age. It depends on how you see the world.

Members of our editorial team prepare this magazine every month for women who want to live their life freely and consciously, are sensitive to the problems of the world and are willing to take sides with those in need. We help them find their way in an increasingly complex world and fight the information overload to make them feel better. To make them feel more attractive, smarter, stronger and better informed.

This is what differentiates Marie Claire from other women’s magazines. We hope that more and more women will be convinced by and start living according to Marie Claire values and thus we may have a positive impact on the life of smaller and larger communities.

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