Meglepetés Advent

Hegedűs Noémi

Editor-in-chief of Meglepetés magazine

The special issues of Meglepetés magazine are prepared by the same editorial staff, and the style and language of the articles is the same as in the parent magazine. The content of the special issues is topical and always corresponds to the given season.

The special issues are published every year according to the following schedule: Flowers&Gardens special issue is published in the spring; Women&Summer is published at the beginning of June; Home&Garden special issue is published in the autumn to help readers make their home cosier for the winter; and the Horoscope special issue is published at the end of the year, helping readers find out what to expect from the next year according to six major horoscope types.

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Product description

The special issue of Meglepetés magazine is published at the beginning of November and is focused on Advent and home. It presents current interior design and home decoration trends and features many useful tips and advice to help readers have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season.

The magazine comes with a high-quality cover, nice paper and elegant layout and design.

Source: TNS Hoffmann readership survey Q3 2016 to Q2 2017