In 2015, Google launched its DNI initiative to support journalism and embrace the innovative ideas of online publishers. Earlier, Central Digital Media applied for the aid unsuccessfully, but this year we tried it again. As a result, won a considerable amount to implement its development plans.

I am very proud of the fact that we won. I am especially proud, because after our unsuccessful application last year, we did not give up, but tried it again. Everyone at our company rose, pulled oneself together and started working on a new, much better application. And we succeeded. Because our life is about this in our current environment. We try, fail, rethink, change gears and we will succeed. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the project. I hope that we will have several similar success stories in the future.

In the framework of this competition, Central applied for development aid for two interdependent technical solutions. The first one is an automatic labelling system developed for the Hungarian language and based on machine learning, which makes the labelling processes of digital contents more efficient. To put it simply, more accurate and detailed labelling will enable faster search within the contents. The content recommendations related to the articles will be more accurate and we will receive data of higher quality about the content consumption habits of the readers. Based on data of higher quality, we will be able to provide more customised offers to advertisers. After completing the development and launching it on, we will be able to use the automatic labelling system in a modular manner in the case of our other digital publications, as well, therefore the DNI aid will be utilised in multiple ways at Central.

Another technological innovation supported by Google is a registration system covering the entire online portfolio. Together the two technological innovations allow us to provide a customised front page, newsletters and more interest-based content for the readers of our online magazines.