Vályi-Nagy Erika

Editor-in-chief of Kismama magazine

Kismama was the first pregnancy, baby and toddler magazine in Hungary. During the years, the magazine has created its own club, community, forum and credo. Besides providing readers with useful and informative articles, tips and advice, the magazine also has a great influence on public opinion. We do believe that we played a key role in that today many fathers are present at the birth of their kids, hospitals are baby-friendly, longer breastfeeding and attachment parenting is widely accepted.

We open the eyes of the reader. We show them how women live and experience pregnancy around the world, help them understand how the healthcare system works, and give advice if they feel insecure about the development of their child. We cooperate with recognized subject-matter experts.

The magazine keeps emphasizing that parenting is not a single-player game. Dads, grandmothers, grandfathers also appear in the magazine and we bring great examples of how an ideal 21st century family works. The magazine also includes honest interviews with stars about birth and parenting. Besides parenting and children-related information, we also give useful beauty care tips, cooking advice, and practical tips on when and how to join work and restart career after maternity leave.

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