Meglepetés ‘Free from’ (Mentes)

Hegedűs Noémi

Editor-in-chief of Meglepetés magazine

Dare to be sensitive!
The ‘Free from’ special issue was so popular that we had to increase print run and frequency of publication. The magazine is now published every 2 months.

Nowadays there are hardly any families where no one has diabetes, lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivity, or no one is vegetarian or on a Paleo diet. ‘Free from’ food has become fashionable. The huge demand and interest is indicated by the fact that store shelves are now full of special food items, and there are specialized restaurants and cafés that only serve food that does not contain sugar and/or lactose and/or gluten. Many people want to prepare healthy food at home and they are is desperate need for good recipes which were reviewed and tested by dietitians and are safe to consume for those with food sensitivity. Food sensitivity is not a curse any more: it is rather an opportunity to experiment with new ingredients and get to know more refined and tastier dishes, prepared with creativity. Traditional recipe magazines can not satisfy those people’s needs.

Meglepetés ‘Free from’ special issue is prepared by well-known and recognized gastro experts for those who can not eat everything. The magazine features vegetarian dishes by Steiner Kristóf, a menu based on the 160-gram carb diet by Vrábel Kriszta, great meat dishes by Szatmári Feri, and tasty deserts by Sallay Fanni. Besides recipes, the magazine also includes informative and entertaining articles: Gastro-blogger Csákvári Péter presents and reviews restaurants and various exciting ingredients.
Meglepetés ‘Free from’ special issue is the first magazine that freely experiments with recipes and gives readers guidance in the world of safe but unusual ingredients. Dishes and recipes are grouped and categorized, with different pictograms for each type of food sensitivity (e.g. free from carbs, lactose, gluten, egg, meat, fat). Pictograms are clearly visible on the recipes, helping readers select the most appropriate ones. We also use color code dots in the contents section, and dots are also visible on the recipes.

And food sensitivities have a cross-selected area where we indicated that e.g. the next 20 dishes are good for Paleo diet, for weight loss, for milk protein allergy.