Nők Lapja

Vékási Andrea

Editor-in-chief of Nők Lapja

Nők Lapja is much more than a simple magazine: it is an old friend, and columnists of Nők Lapja are family members. Launched in 1949, Nők Lapja has accompanied the life of various generations of women – the habit of reading Nők Lapja is passed on from mother to daughter. Nők Lapja has become a social institution, an active player in Hungarian society that has a huge influence on how Hungarian women see the world and themselves. “Sometimes I was surprised how much the stories in Nők Lapja resonated with me and how relevant they felt… and then I realized that it is probably true for anyone, because that is how our life is”, as a Nők Lapja reader aptly put it.

The magazine has a modern layout and design but represents traditional values, such as the importance of family, the love of life, finding joy in everyday life, sensitivity to social issues and inequalities, and helping those in need. Reading and understanding Nők Lapja requires a certain amount of maturity and life experience, but it can be read by all ages. Regular readers of Nők Lapja magazine include young girls, grandmothers, married women, single career women, boys, men and grandfathers. One thing they have in common is the love for Nők Lapja magazine.

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